25th Anniversary Custom Powders BV

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  • 21st April 2021

Custom Powders BV was founded in 1995 and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020.

The company came to, what the English commonly refer to “the continent” in 1995.

The aim was to set up a location in the heart of one of the most important industrial hubs in Europe. A location close to the Ruhr area in Germany and the industrial core areas of the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Ultimately, Helmond was chosen with its central location, good access roads and a modern, well-organized and appealing industrial area, attractive living environment and available work force.

Land was purchased and the brand-new company was developed and built in-house according to the tried-and-tested English model but with clear Dutch influences. What disappointed the English owner was the attention paid to company gardens in the Netherlands. In England prizes were awarded for the most beautiful farm gardens and from what he saw here it would not take much effort to win the first prize here. To this day, Custom Powders has one of the most appealing business gardens in the area.

Together with the company, a number of English employees came from England to start the company and one of them still works for Custom Powders BV to this day. There was also a regular exchange of employees who came over to support at the other location at times of busyness. This intensive contact between the two sites has created a close relationship and friendship between the employees on both sides of the North Sea.

After visiting the Helmond facility, many customers decided that their desired operations could also be carried out in Crewe (UK). After 25 years, Custom Powders BV is still the calling card and first point of contact for many of our joint customers.