Custom Powders Ltd – Supporting Local Charities

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  • 1st June 2021

Custom Powders Ltd has been based in Crewe Cheshire for 40 years. Many of the company’s employees past and present were Crewe born and bred. 

The company has always provided outstanding levels of support to its employees many of whom have been with the company for over 25 years. 

Outside of the company Custom Powders Ltd is part of the local community providing support to a large number of local charities and groups. 

Over the last 20 years Custom Powders has sponsored local charities and groups with over £0.5 million of donations, some examples are provided below.

Over £90k donated to a local charity providing support for single parents and their children. READ MORE >>

A recent donation funded 25 computers for disadvantaged families struggling to access home schooling during Corona-virus lockdown. READ MORE >>

The Wingate Special Children’s Trust is a charity devoted to enabling the lives of children and young people with all levels of physical and learning disabilities or who are disadvantaged. Corona-virus has resulted in a big impact on the charities ability to raise money. Custom Powders Ltd a regular supporter of the charity stepped in with a substantial donation at the start of lockdown. READ MORE >>

The YMCA Crewe supports families and children in the Crewe area both by working with support groups, local schools and Christian Concern Fellowship or by delivering support directly. Custom Powders Ltd provide regular donations which now total over £75k. READ MORE >>

In 2020 the 35th South West Cheshire Group were struggling with an inadequate Scout Hut. Custom Powders Ltd were the major donator in allowing the Scouts to build new facilities. READ MORE >>